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The most dangerous intersections in Kansas City, MO were discovered in a study complete in 2015. We picked the 5 most dangerous and made them into an infographic.

10 Places To Hide Your Keys

Leaving your keys at the car is never ideal, but with these 10 hiding places your car won't be going anywhere.   

Front-wheel drive (FWD) cars handle well in the snow as most of their weight sits over their driving wheels, giving the front tires more traction. When braking or turning they are just as capable as all-wheel drive (AWD) or 4-wheel drive (4WD) cars, but will struggle to accelerate as quickly.


The Pros of Buying a Used Electric Car [Infographic]

If you're looking at an electric car you've probably considered buying a new one with the tax credits offered by states and the government. Such a big discount is tempting, but there are some pluses to hitting up the used-electric market.


2021 Cars Without CVTs

While some manufacturers did have early examples of CVTs (Continuous Variable Transmission) that were killed off, currently CVTs are becoming more popular than ever and few if any cars are changing their transmissions back to traditional automatics from CVTs.  


Should I Buy a Car With 150k Miles?

If you're looking to buy a car with 150k miles on it, the condition and maintenance history is more important than how many miles are on it. If everything else about it checks out we say go for it!


Racing Technology in Road Cars

Despite most cars only racing for parking spots at the mall, your everyday ride has more racing DNA than you think. Race tracks are breeding grounds for technological innovations. At first the cutting-edge tech costs too much to produce on regular cars. But over time the new technology becomes cheaper to create and eventually trickles down to cars found at dealerships all over the country.

How Long to Charge a Car Battery

With a variety of charges on the market, how long does it take to fully charge a battery to working condition?

A car battery has 48 amps, so depending on how many amps your charger has, divide 48 by the charging rate and that is how many hours it takes. For example if your charger charges at 6 amps an hour, 48/6=8, so it will take 8 hours to fully charge a battery.

But before you throw a charger on it, let's see if your battery is worth saving.


Trucks vs SUVs

Once trucks and SUVs had few differences. Over time SUVs began to form their own identity as their owners' needs changed. Keep in mind this infographic covers general knowledge. There will be examples that don't fit these generalizations.

How Do Dealerships Make Money?

Price, financing, warranties - there are many avenues for car dealerships to make and lose money when selling a car, but what actually makes a profit and what misconceptions do buyers have when purchasing a car?