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Car City Wholesale has been over 30 years in the making. Frank Heck joined the automotive industry right out of the Marine Corps and was immediately hooked on its fast pace and ever-changing dynamics. 

Over the years he gathered a vast knowledge in every aspect of the business (buying, selling, service, marketing, transportation, finance) and would dedicate his life to honing his craft every step of the way. 

Frank worked diligently to find his way in this ultra-competitive business and ultimately landed and fell in love with the Wholesale division of the industry. He would commit countless hours traveling, researching, strategizing, and forming relationships with other dealers around the country built on trust, honesty and the firm Midwest "handshake" that stands for respect and honor. 

As the years passed Frank built his portfolio of success by utilizing the advice and guidance of all the veterans in the business that he encountered along the way and then surrounding himself with people who shared his same drive, passion, and vision for the future. Through all the struggles, successes, and evolution of the auto industry the ultimate goal was to always take the experience and knowledge of the wholesale business and create and secure a legacy by offering his passion to the public. 

Frank methodically built a core TEAM and laid out the plan for the future. Find a facility that is inviting and comfortable. Offer a quality product that is reliable, safe, versatile, and fair. Do business with all walks of life and apply maximum effort regardless of profit. This was the plan and now it is a reality.

We here at Car City Wholesale ensure your automotive needs are our highest priority. Come to a place that's inviting, clean, comfortable...come home. We are not a gimmick. We are not the NEW way to buy a car. We are the ONLY way to buy your next vehicle. Family owned and friendly operated, it's supposed to be fun and exciting to buy a car. Let us show you how. 

Frank will say that his greatest asset is the team that surrounds the businesses. It is the collective efforts of our entire team that makes the engine go. And what a team we have assembled! We feel a true testimony to our group is to read a few of the bios of some of our staff members to get a feel of what they think of their jobs at each of our Car City Wholesale locations!


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