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  • Frank Heck
    Managing Partner

    Frank's wonderful achievements started when he joined the Marine Corps in 1983. Frank's career in the Marine Corps is filled with accomplishments that are not easily obtained like graduating Series Honorman, #1 in his class out of over 150, subsequently receiving the Marine Corps Leatherneck Award, receiving his choice of Military Occupational Speciality (MOS) and being awarded the dress blue uniform which also came with a meritorious promotion. 

    After recruit graduation, Frank went to school for his MOS at Camp Lejeune, NC where he graduated 2nd in his class and was given his choice of duty station, so he elected to go back to 2nd Battalion Marine Corps Recruit Depot, in San Diego, CA. While serving at 2nd Battalion in San Diego, Frank received the Commanding General's Certificate of Commendation, a prestigous non-combative award given to a Marine for outstanding service in addition to the Marine of the Quarter award. After San Diego, Frank spent 2 1/2 years in Okinawa, Japan, where he received another meritorious promotion before being honorably discharged from the Marines.

    As his service days came to an end, Frank took on his first car industry job in 1987 with Jim Ellena Buick and Oldsmobile in Kansas. Later he would be recruited by Laird Noller Ford in Lawrence, KS and worked for them from 1988 to 1990. Over the years, Frank being a car guy through and through, became disenchanted with the process of how managers wanted sales representatives to deal with customers. This would be a pivotal point for him and lead to what Car City Wholesale has become today.

    From 1998 to 2018, Frank spent his time in the wholesale arena buying cars for both dealers out of state and in Kansas City, who would in turn, take those same cars and sell them to customers in the retail space. During that timeframe, Frank discovered a unique and proprietary wholesale buying algorithm which immensely increased the profitability of the wholesale operation. In February 2018, Frank pitched the idea of opening up a retail store that offered wholesale inspired pricing for the general public to Scott Long, an attorney and long-time friend of Frank. Scott saw the vision and invested into what is today known as Car City Wholesale. With a partnership formed between Frank and Scott and a mutual objective to provide customers a laid-back environment that offers 100% transparency and a non-traditional buying experience, Car City Wholesale and Car City Wholesale Auto Outlet was created.

    Frank will be the first to say Car City Wholesale's three pillars and greatest assets are his team, treating their customers well and providing world-class inventory. Frank says, "The team that we have assembled was not done by one person, but rather the team itself internally." We have created a warm atmosphere where our extended family and our morals and values are an extension of the same we want to provide our customers.

    Outside of work, Frank loves his wife of 26 years and enjoys spending time with his family, taking trips, playing golf and watching the Kansas City Chiefs and Royals play ball. 

  • Joe Bonzo
    General Manager

    Joe has 15 years of experience in the automotive industry and has been with Car City Wholesale since 2021. With a storied 8-year history and friendship with Managing Partner, Frank Heck, Joe truly loves his job. Joe looks forward to improving people's ideas of the car business and buying experience by changing the perception of the typical car dealership. He does this one customer at a time, leaving them feeling good about their new vehicle and the dealership as a whole. Another aspect of Joe's job that he admires is the ability to do his job everyday without having to sacrifice personal integrity or being questioned. When Joe isn't working, you will find him with his family enjoying the outdoors and working out at the gym. 

  • Frank Marcurella
    GM/Finance Director

    Frank has been with Car City Wholesale since 2020 and has spent the last 33 years in the car industry. From Kansas City, Frank loves the family enviroment you see and feel when working at Car City Wholesale. He says customers can tell they are coming into a family environment and sees the camaraderie. He loves his job and enjoys coming to work each day. Frank says when you offer people transparency, honesty, good selection, a nice enviroment and the best price you can get, it's a recipe for success.  When Frank isn't busy working, he likes to hang out with his son, riding and working on their motorcycles.  When he's not focused on that you will find Frank at the gym! 

  • Kelly Cerentano
    Finance Director

    Starting with Car City Wholesale in April 2021, Kelly brings 20 years of finance experience and a wealth of knowledge to our team. Working in the car industry for the last 13 years, Kelly absolutely loves working at Car City Wholesale. What she enjoys most is Car City's leadership and team, an absolute extension of her family she says. Their loyalty, the camaraderie, and the fact that they put Christian values first is high on her list of postives in the work environment. When Kelly isn't putting most of her energy into her work, she loves to have fun and spend time with her family.

  • Terence Cooper
    Operations Director

    Terence studied Aerospace Engineering at the University of Kansas.  Terence has been with Car City Wholesale since its inception in 2018.  He and managing partner, Frank Heck, have been friends for 34 years, ever since Frank got out of the Marine Corps. Terence is a technology wiz and has helped Car City Wholesale out tremendously by simplifying the car buying process and covering things from a technology viewpoint for the business. What Terence loves most about his job, and what has him come in with a smile on his face everyday, is the awesome staff. He mentioned that they are like a second family to him and he very much enjoys his life and coming to work each day. When Terence isn't working, he spends time with his family, watching soccer games with his kids, like Sporting KC and enjoys being active in church. Terence is super pleased with his two amazing kids (22 and 20 yrs) who are out working hard in life and doing great things.

  • Dan Hayslett
    Service Director

    Dan is now in his 30th year in the automotive industry and started with Car City Wholesale in July of 2021. As a former service manager, auto body manager and parts manager, Dan brings a wealth of knowledge in the service side for both dealerships. He loves helping customers and making them smile. What he appreciates most about Car City Wholesale is that he has been able to hand select his service team and just feels the staff, in its entirety, is the best team he has ever been around. Being here, he says, is unbelievable and he admires the leadership team, believes in his technicians as well as the customers and enjoys that this dealership doesn't do politics. Dan is a car guy! When Dan isn't working on cars at the dealership he spends time restoring old cars at his home auto shop. He's a bit of a Jack of all trades as when he's not spending time with his wife, family or cars, he likes to hunt, fish, and paint.

  • Jeff Massey
    Sales Manager

    Jeff has spent the last 20 years in the auto and mortgage industry. He started at Car City Wholesale in September of 2020 but his history with managing partner, Frank Heck, extends over a decade as they worked together while Jeff was working for another dealership and Frank was the inventory director for them. What Jeff loves most about working at Car City Wholesale and CCW Auto Outlet is the family atmosphere. He says, It's like coming to work with your family everyday, something he respects the heck out of. When Jeff isn't working you will find him fishing for bass or spending time with his son at football practice for Mill Valley High School. Car City Wholesale is a proud sponsor of Mill Valley High School Athletics and is excited to say congratulations on your back-to-back-to-back Class 5 state championship wins for football for 2019, 2020 & 2021 and a state title in 2019 for wrestling. - Go Jaguars!

  • Bernard Hause
    Sales Associate

    Bernard has been in the car industry for 6 years and started with Car City Wholesale in July 2021. Bernard says that he just loves the management, his boss Frank and believes it's one of the best atmospheres that he has ever been in.  What he loves the most about his job is that the entire business team treats the customers fairly and that his team is behind him supporting the customer during the entire sales/buying process. When Bernard isn't busy working, he loves to be around his family and spending time on his motorcycle, whether that be street bikes, dirt bikes or cruisers.

  • Eli Guymon
    Sales Associate

    Eli has been in the automotive industry since 2009 and started in July 2021 with Car City Wholesale. As a manager at other dealerships, Eli brings a good attitude, integrity and knowledge of the automotive industry in his new role. From Kansas City originally, Eli mentioned that what he loves most about working for Car City Wholesale is the laid back atmosphere, that every staff member around him likes their work and he enjoys working around them. When Eli is not working hard at Car City, you will find him spending time with his wife, his two kiddos who are in their twenties and their dogs.

  • Devin Beavers
    Sales Manager

    Devin has spent the last 15 years in the automotive industry and joined Car City Wholesale in February of 2020. Before joing our team, Devin ran the Acura store and Jay Wolfe stores in Kansas City. What he loves most about working at Car City is the relaxed, low-pressure atmosphere as well as the family oriented environment work provides. Devin is a true car enthusiast and loves classic cars.  A neat tid bit about Devin is that he was a wonderful college football player and dominate defensive end at Butler Community College (a powerhouse national champion team) and then on to Pittsburg State!

  • Jeff Schleicker
    Sales Associate

    Jeff brings a wealth of car industry experience, 30+ years to be exact, to Car City Wholesale.  Jeff started with Car City Auto Outlet in November of 2021 and says everyone has been super easy to work with and willing to help.  What he says he loves the most about working here is that it truly is a family atmosphere and that they, the entire staff, are here to take care of the customer.  When Jeff isn't working, you'll find him passing his time at the golf course and spending time with his 3 in a half year old daughter enjoying life! 

  • Zach Crouch
    Sales Associate

    Zach is one of the newest hires at Car City Wholesale and joined the team in December of 2021. Zach spent his last year with Cable Dahmer and looks forward to working with his new team along side his brother, Skyler and mother, Kelly. He thinks that this will be a good fit for him as he's heard from his family how fun it is to work here for years. Zach is big into fitness and will spend 6 days a week at the gym when he can. When he's not working or at the gym, you'll find him spending quality time with his girlfriend as much as possible. Welcom aboard Zach! 

  • Logan Heck
    Inventory Control Manager

    Logan has been with Car City Wholesale since the business was started in 2018 and brings with him 6 years experience in the car industry. Logan is the oldest son of managing partner, Frank Heck, and says he enjoys the family atmosphere that his work at Car City provides. He also enjoys the pleasure of coming into work everyday and being surrounded by good people throughout the entirety of the day.  Logan has become one of the premier buyers for both Car City Wholesale and CCW Auto Outlet.  When Logan isn't working, he spends his time with his wife and two kids! Logan's also a loyal Kansas City Chiefs and Royals fan! 

  • Troy Heck
    Recon Inventory Manager

    Troy has been in the car industry for 24 years and started at Car City Wholesale when it was created in 2018. He and his brother, Frank Heck, have a tremendous bond and both know the wholesale automotive industry inside and out. What Troy loves most about Car City is meeting new people and the family atmosphere that has been created and established at both dealerships. He says we are one big family!  A neat tid bit about Troy is that he was an accomplished golden glove boxer and sparred with boxing champion Tommy Morrison in his early days.  When Troy isn't working, you will find him spending time with his wife, Car City's own Britt Heck, and their 5 kids who range in age from 12 to 21. In addition to family, faith is a very big part of Troy and his families life where they are actively involved with their church family!

  • Britt Heck
    Recon Inventory Manager

    Britt started buying cars with her husband Troy Heck, one of Car City's other recon inventory managers and joined the Car City Wholesale family back in 2019. She absolutely loves the people she works with and says everyone here is helpful to her and our customers and that the entire team helps see things through no matter who you ask help from.  Outside of work, Britt loves being a mother, spending time with her kids, raising a family and spending time with her and her husband's church family. She also is a wonderful cook and loves to bake as well as watch her beloved Kansas City Chiefs football team! 

  • Bogdan Zaslavsky
    Inventory Purchasing Agent

    Bogdan has been in the automotive industry for 28 years, joining Car City Wholesale in 2018. He truly loves the people here and says they are all very real, sincere and caring.  He's proud of Car City and the atmosphere that his duties gives him on a daily basis, saying, "It's not a job to come into work here." He mentions that what seperates Car City from other dealerships is the family oriented atmosphere, the variety of cars we buy and helping build on such a wonderful brand. When Bogdan isn't working hard as an inventory purchasing agent, he spends time with his kids boating, riding sea-doos, being outdoors, fishing and exercising!

  • Conner Heck
    Inventory Purchasing Agent

    Conner has been with Car City Wholesale since inception in 2018 where he started originally as a porter. Working his way up from there and learning the business, Conner now brings pivotal inventory in for both dealerships. Conner is the son of managing partner, Frank Heck, and says that he feels at home working here not only because of the laid back atmosphere but because we are all one big happy family working together. He enjoys coming into work each and every day. When Conner isn't working, you will find him watching sports, more specifically, the Kansas City Royals, Kansas City Chiefs and Kansas State athletics!

  • Garrett Long
    Digital Marketing Director

    Garrett has been working with and for Car City Wholesale since 2018 and uses his editing and journalism background to help increase the brand awareness for Car City Wholesale. He enjoys putting in effort for a company that treats their customers so well and just loves working for a leader and team who is so dedicated to its employees and those they help.  Outside of work, Garrett enjoys being outdoors, riding motorcycles and helps volunteer with the Pacific Nortwest Search & Rescue team which carries all sorts of desired training and certifications all of which peak his interest!

  • Savannah Bonzo
    Inventory Photographer

    Savannah has been with Car City Wholesale since the summer of 2020. Prior to working at Car City, Savannah had the harder of the two jobs being a mother for 14 years! She just loves the group she works with and says the environment and the people are best ever to be around.  When she's not working, she spends time with her husband, Car City Wholesale General Manger, Joe Bonzo, and the two love to have movie night at the house along with the kiddos!

  • Dylan Borunda
    Inventory Photographer

  • Jordan Rider
    Data Entry

    Jordan is a recent graduate from Pitt State and started with Car City Wholesale in July of 2021. Jordan's dad and managing partner, Frank Heck, are close friends and Jordan is happy and grateful for the opportunity to be part of something so special.  She says she just loves the family business environment of Car City and feels comfortable with everyone, all of which have the same common goal which is to help the customer. When Jordan isn't working, she keeps her schedule full by spending a lot of time with her sisters and looking after her animals (2 dogs and 2 cats)!

  • Curtis Darby
    Service Manager

    Curtis is a man of great knowledge when it comes to vehicle maintenance and service. He has 43 years of car industry experience, serving 20 of those years at Olathe Kia before coming over to Car City Wholesale. He and managing partner, Frank Heck, have been friends since 2005 and Curtis says he absolutely appreciates Frank and working here.  Curtis is an ASE Certified Master Technician and was previously an L1 Mechanic which means he held an Advanced Engine Performance Specialist Certification. Curtis says that he really enjoys the people he works with and thrives on being helpful to those team members that don't have as much experience. When Curtis isn't solving diagnostic problems, you will find him spending time with his wife, his grandkids and riding motorcycles!

  • Riley Pierce
    Service Manager

    Riley started with Car City Wholesale in May of 2021. After graduating from Kansas State University, Riley spent time interning at John Deere and helping work at his family's farm. What Riley enjoys most about his job is getting to see and work on the cool luxury cars that make their way through both Car City dealerships. He also mentioned that he just absolutely loves the family environment and enjoys working with his team members. If its the winter and Riley isn't working, he's looking for the next best place to go ski and snowboard, utilizing his previous skills as a ski instructor at Snow Creek. If it's the summer time, you will find Riley at the nearest car show in and around the greater Kansas City area.

  • Paul Weaver

    Paul has been in the car industry for 41 years and started working on cars when he was 16 years old for a dealership service center in Atchison, Kansas. Being around many different car dealerships in his lifetime, Paul says you often see where management doesn't care for their staff or that some people just don't work well together. That is not the case at Car City Wholesale. He's never seen a place that puts its staff first like CCW does and that has a lot to do with our leader, Frank Heck and our management team. When Paul isn't working, he spends as much time as possible with his 4-year-old grandson teaching life's lessons like fishing, hunting, being outdoors and enjoying life! 

  • Mike Berry

    Mike just recently started at Car City Wholesale and comes with a tremendous amount of experience, over 30 years, in the automotive industry.  As a former owner and mechanic of two transmission shops plus his background in automotive welding and fabrication, Car City Wholesale is excited to have Mike join our team.  Mike and Car City Wholesale service manager, Dan Hayslett, have been friends for many years and are excited to be working together.  Mike knows that he has a wonderful team he is joining and is looking forward to being in the used car space again.  When Mike isn't working, you will find him spending time with his kids, 15 and 18 year olds, and looking for unique antiques like old cookware, signage and furniture. Welcome aboard Mike! 

  • Keaton Skeels

    Keaton has been with Car City Wholesale since 2020. He has four years under his belt as a car mechanic and formally worked at Goodyear as a technician but this man has been around cars his whole life. What he says is different from his previous position with Goodyear is how much he enjoys his team, the service manager and how fun the diagnostic and hands on work keeps things non-routine based. That and we get to work on some pretty cool cars to he says. When Keaton isn't working, he and his brother, a fellow technician at Car City Wholesale, love to go offroading in their Jeeps. Keaton also has a shop at home and keeps his family and friends' vehicle maintenance needs in check, something he very much enjoys doing.

  • Willie Merritt
    Detail Manager

    Willie brings over 20 years of detailing and automotive industry experience to CCW.  Starting recently in December of 2021, Willie looks forward to continuing his career with Car City Wholesale and can already tell that he's going to love the people he works with.  Willie has known Dan Hayslett, Car City Wholesales service manager, for many years and grew up together in their home town of Atchison, KS. When Willie isn't working, you'll find him spending his time at our local Kansas City casinos or at the bowling alley. An interesting fact about Willie was that he was formally on the Professional Bowlers Association Tour (PBA) and carried a 228 average!  Unfortunately due to a wrist injury he had to part ways with this dream although he still loves to bowl anytime he gets the chance. Welcome aboard Willie! 

  • Nate Alvarez

    Nate joined Car City Wholesale in 2018 and has spent 5 years in the automotive industry. Nate enjoys his job, is happy to be a part of this team and feels his work helps to keep his mind occupied, especially having such a great laid-back atmosphere Nate says, he also enjoys being able to come into work each day and know the job he is to perform.  When Nate isn't working on making cars look beautiful, you will find him going out and finding new places to eat around Kansas City!  Although Nate is from California, he's getting acclimated to Kansas City and slowly but surely is becoming a Kansas City Chiefs fan!

  • Skyler Crouch
    Inventory Purchasing Agent

    Skyler joined Car City Wholesale in June of 2021 and enjoys his job tremendously.  He says he loves being around all of the friendly staff each day and mentioned that it's hard not to get along with everyone here. When Skyler isn't working on putting the finishing touches on a luxury ride, you'll find him spending time on another passion of his, playing video games! 


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