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Making sure the most important parts of your car are in good working order is not a job to skimp on. Especially if we are talking about brake service in and around Kansas City. You'll want true professionals to ensure the parts that slow you down, like brakes, are in good working order.

If you feel like something is "off" when you are braking, don't wait to reach out to Car City Wholesale in Shawnee KS at 913-295-9300 or Car City Wholesale in Edwardsville, KS at 913-298-5002.

It's time to service your car if you are experiencing any of the common symptoms.

  • You hear squealing during braking

  • You hear a grinding noise during braking

  • Your brakes are underperforming

  • Your car pulls to either direction under braking

  • Your brake pedal feels squishy

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms you should reach out and schedule an appointment with one of our ASE certified technicians at either of our Car City Wholesale locations. Let our experts help service your vehicle properly the right way the first time.


Brakes are your first line of defense to stay safe on the road. The longer you wait the higher the chance something could fail potentially causing dangerous and uncontrollable problems or expensive repairs.

Whatever your brake problem is, our mechanics can do everything from replacing your brake pads and fluid to putting on new brake rotors and replacing your brake master cylinder.

Speaking of fluid, you can go out to your vehicle and look at the color of your brake fluid. If it's in good condition it'll be a light amber in color. The older the brake fluid gets the darker the color becomes. If it's starting to look dark or even black, it's time for a change.


Car City Wholesale has a service department to provide brake work on everyday SUV's, trucks and sedans ranging from the most complicated foreign luxury cars in the world to your standard American car manufacturers.

Servicing the Kansas City community, we are located in both Shawnee, KS and Edwardsville, KS with each dealership located on the west side of Kansas City. We look forward to servicing your vehicle no matter the make or model you need car maintenance on.

If you feel like there's something wrong with your brakes or just want an expert's opinion to make sure you are safe, give Car City Wholesale, Shawnee, KS a call at 913-295-9300 or Car City Wholesale, Edwardsville, KS a call at 913-298-5002. If you'd prefer, you can go ahead and schedule your brake service appointment today!

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