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From finicky window switches to your car not starting, electric problems in your vehicle can make or break your day.

While some jobs can be tackled by home mechanics, you'll want to leave electric issues to the experts, like our technicians at Car City Wholesale. Diagnosing electrical problems often require a solid understanding of how that electricity moves around the car, a complex wiring diagram and plenty of experience.

While some issues are as simple as swapping out the battery, other jobs will require replacing the alternator or hunting down one of the dozens of wires threaded through your car.

If your car has recently had water damage, there's a good chance some of your electricals were affected in the process.


  • Car struggles to or won't start

  • Your lights inside and out have become dim

  • You smell burning rubber without an obvious source

  • Your battery struggles to hold a charge (and is less than 3 years old) or is visibly damaged

  • Devices like your windows or door locks struggle to respond or work slowly

  • Your fuses have blown out

  • Electrical systems fail intermittently

Whatever your car's symptoms are, we will want to replicate them in the shop, so make sure to come in with notes for how to (if possible) trigger those electrical problems.

If your car is experiencing any of the symptoms above or anything else make sure to schedule an appointment with one of the highest-rated dealerships in Kansas City and we'll take care of it!


Car City Wholesale has made it a point to hire Kansas City's best and most well-rounded technicians, service managers and service director in the automotive industry today. Not only will our ASE certified technicians know how to fix your car, they will do it with a smile and share with you where the problems are, how they will fix it and what it will cost upfront. 

Take a look at and read some of our 600+, 4.9 star Google reviews and see what others have to say about working with our team and service departments. With two service department locations, we have the means to get your car diagnosed and serviced promptly. Car City Wholesale, located in Shawnee, KS can be reached at 913-295-9300 or Car City Wholesale in Edwardsville, KS can be reached at 913-298-5002 or feel free to schedule your service appointment here.

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