Serving Shawnee, Overland Park & Greater Kansas City Area

At Car City Wholesale we offer the ability for you to complete the entire purchasing process from your home!

The steps to complete your purchase are quite simple.

  1. Find a vehicle on our inventory list.
  2. If you are interested, we can set up a FaceTime. You can ask us questions or get a closer look at any part of the car. Our employees are even willing to do a test drive during FaceTime.
  3. We then will go over all the standard documentation you will need to sign to purchase any vehicle. We offer the ability to sign forms online as well.
  4. After your vehicle has been purchased, we will arrange shipping to your location.

It really is that easy. Just a couple hours of your time and we'll send your car to your front door ASAP.

The Benefits To Buying Online From Car City Wholesale

  • You can enjoy our renown service from anywhere in the United States, giving you some comfort knowing that the vehicle you are purchasing is coming from dealerships that pride themselves on their dedication to customer happiness.
  • With our no-haggling buying experience, you don't have to worry about leaving money on the table by coming in person to do all the negotiating.
  • The car will show up anywhere you want! No spending hours driving to and from the dealership, arranging rides or taking time off of work. Just a couple calls, some forms and your new car will be on the way.

Mix And Match The In-Person And Online Buying Processes.

If you want to test drive the vehicle yourself but would rather handle all the paperwork online we can facilitate that. Whatever we can do to make purchasing a car as simple and easy as possible for you, we want to help.

If you are interested in purchasing from Car City Wholesale contact us here.