What Cars Are Made In America?

May 7, 2020

Buying something "American made" is important to a lot of people and for good reason — our workers build good vehicles. But just because the company is American, doesn't necessarily mean it was built in the states.

There's an argument that some foreign car brands assembled here are more "American" than some domestic models manufactured outside the country. That's not our fight to pick, but we wanted to clear up any misconceptions about where certain vehicles are made, so we created this handy infographic! If you want to see more cool stuff, check out our other blogs

 Multiple lists of car logos with factory locations and what vehicles are assembled there are beneath and above a map with lines connecting those logos to their corresponding locations on the map. At each point is a car logo of that factory. A close up of Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois is to the right of the map. The top says What Cars Are Made In America. Back To Other Blogs