Every few months a cryogenically preserved Japanese sports car sells on Bring A Trailer for a new record high and sets the internet on fire for a couple days. It's no secret '80s and '90s Japanese sports cars are only becoming more desirable.

So the cars are going up in value, but how much? To answer that question we chose some of the more popular Japanese sports cars and recorded the first and last ten examples sold on Bring A Trailer (the latest being sold August 1, 2020) and averaged each of them. Here are the results.
Buying something "American made" is important to a lot of people and for good reason - our workers build good vehicles. But just because the company is American, doesn't necessarily mean it was built in the states.
The most dangerous intersections in Kansas City, MO were discovered in a study complete in 2015. We picked the 5 most dangerous and made them into an infographic.

The Pros of Buying a Used Electric Car [Infographic]

If you're looking at an electric car you've probably considered buying a new one with the tax credits offered by states and the government. Such a big discount is tempting, but there are some pluses to hitting up the used-electric market.

Racing Technology in Road Cars

Despite most cars only racing for parking spots at the mall, your everyday ride has more racing DNA than you think. Race tracks are breeding grounds for technological innovations. At first the cutting-edge tech costs too much to produce on regular cars. But over time the new technology becomes cheaper to create and eventually trickles down to cars found at dealerships all over the country.

Trucks vs SUVs

Once trucks and SUVs had few differences. Over time SUVs began to form their own identity as their owners' needs changed. Keep in mind this infographic covers general knowledge. There will be examples that don't fit these generalizations.