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Seeking to find a used luxury Infiniti car for sale in Kansas City? Or are you needing to find someone local that can help you service your Infiniti's vehicle maintenance and repair? You've come to the right place.

Car City Wholesale, located in Shawnee KS, is just minutes from downtown Kansas City. Our pre-owned car dealerships have the highest Google reviews in the Midwest and we specialize in finding and locating luxury high end cars by resourcing channels across the country so our customers get exactly what they are after, assuming we don't already have it in inventory.


Having over 30 years of wholesale buying experience, Car City Wholesale offers a unique opportunity for a customer to pick the exact model, color, mileage, and price range for their Infiniti and purchase it at wholesale inspired pricing. Whether you are looking for a black Infiniti Sedan Q50 or a crossover QX60 with less than 50,000 miles, Car City's inventory purchasing agents will find and deliver the car of your dreams. 

If you can't find the perfect Infiniti in our current inventory, reach out to us here and let us know what you are looking for. We are true car enthusiasts! We understand your dream and are happy to help!

Maybe you have an Infiniti already and you're just looking for someone to help service your car with a routine oil change or detail. Maybe you need some new tires or have a service engine light that's recently come on. Either way, we encourage you to schedule your service appointment or reach out to our Shawnee store at 913-295-9300 and let one of our ASE certified technicians get you back on the road with a smile.


Infiniti, built by Japanese automaker, Nissan, was established in the US in 1989. Developed around the same time as Toyota's luxury car, Lexus and Honda's luxury Acura brands, Infiniti is still going strong today, making nearly every new car off the line with advanced technology, either hybrid or all-electric.

A little-known fact is that Infiniti's logo symbol holds a dual meaning. It is a representation of both a road extending into the horizon and Japan's, Mount Fuji.

Today, Infiniti is as strong as ever showcasing their luxury cars in a multitude of sedans, coupes, crossovers, and SUVs. For Sedans and Coupes, Infiniti offers the Q50 and Q60. They also offer the QX50, QX55, QX60 and the QX80 in crossover and SUV models.


  1. Infiniti QX50 Crossover

  2. Infiniti Q60 Luxury Coupe

  3. Infiniti QX80 SUV

  4. Infiniti Q50 Luxury Sport Sedan

  5. Infiniti QX60 Mid-size Luxury Crossover SUV