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Are you in the market or looking to service your Mitsubishi? No matter your needs, Car City Wholesale, a premier pre-owned dealerships serving the greater Kansas City area, has an expert staff and a service team able to handle your Mitsubishi needs.

What Makes Car City Different

At Car City our customers' happiness is our top goal. Take one look at our almost perfect score on Google with hundreds of positive reviews by happy customers and you'll see your best interest is our highest priority.

We also offer no-haggle pricing, removing all the back-and-forth negotiating dealerships are known for. Instead of leaving room in each vehicle's price to be talked down, we list our vehicles at their best prices from the get-go.

Just ask our staff about how our pricing compares, and we will show you similar vehicles offered by other dealerships.

Servicing Your Mitsubishi at Car City

Both dealerships have a fully staffed service center with ASE-certified technicians who can handle jobs as simple as oil changes to more comprehensive examinations like diagnosing problems on your vehicle.

No matter what your Mitsubishi needs, either of our dealerships is more than ready to help.

Looking To Buy a Mitsubishi?

If you have browsed our inventory for a Mitsubishi and we are not holding anything you are interested in, we can find the perfect car for you!

Tell our team the type of car you are looking for, including options, colors, and anything else important for you, and we will send our buyers into the wholesale market to find the vehicle of your dreams at no charge!

With our roots in the wholesale market, we have a team capable of finding quality vehicles all over the United States at excellent prices.

If that interests you, call Car City Wholesale at 913-295-9300 or contact us here and let us know what you're looking for.

Quick History of Mitsubishi

Established in 1870 with an emphasis on shipping, Mitsubishi eventually made its way into the automotive industry in 1917 by making a luxury car, the Mitsubishi Model A.

Mitsubishi made its United States debut much later than other Japanese manufacturers with the Tredia. In 2016 Nissan purchased 34% of Mitsubishi with the intent to have Mitsubishi stop making cars and instead develop vehicle bases for Nissan by 2026.

Top-Selling Mitsubishis Sold Today

  1. Mirage
  2. Outlander
  3. Eclipsef