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As the most popular German car brand in the world, we at Car City Wholesale are very experienced in the service and sales of Volkswagens and can provide OEM parts with excellent service.

We provide an array of services such as alignments, diagnostic tests, and detailing. Whatever your Volkswagen needs are, we can handle it.


If you are looking for a Volkswagen for sale in Kansas City or any other vehicle, contact us today or give Car City Wholesale's Shawnee store a call at 913-295-9300 and we will send our buyers to find the perfect vehicle for you, matching your options and colors to a tee.

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With our history so intertwined with the wholesale market our team can source Volkswagens of any kind across the country and have relationships with dozens of dealerships that allow us to get the best deal for you.

We can also complete this whole process for you without ever having to come into our dealership! You can read more about our online buying guide here as we can complete the entire buying process over the internet. Through this process, as your vehicle is ready you can come pick it up or we can deliver it to your front door!

A Quick History of Volkswagen

Established in 1937, Volkswagen was made to cater to the working citizen as most cars in Germany were too expensive to own at the time. That's why Volkswagen translates to "People's Car." The earliest Volkswagens were air cooled and used Ferdinand Porsche's designs (who had a car brand of his own). One of the first cars to be made by Volkswagen was the "Beetle," a car with its roots clearly seen in Volkswagen today!

Here Are Some of The Best-Selling Volkswagens in the United States:

  1. Volkswagen Jetta

  2. Volkswagen Tiguan

  3. Volkswagen Beetle

  4. Volkswagen Golf

  5. Volkswagen Tuareg